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Varicose Vein Removal: What Are My Options?

Varicose Vein Removal: What Are My Options?

The veins in your legs have a tough job. When blood must return to the heart and lungs for fresh oxygen, the valves inside leg veins work against gravity, opening and closing to allow the one-way passage of blood back up to the heart. 

This valve activity gets an assist from leg muscles. As you walk, muscle contractions contribute pumping action to the veins. However, when you have a job that requires long hours of sitting or standing without movement, the downward pressure of blood can cause vein valves to fail. 

Varicose veins result when blood begins to pool behind failed veins, creating their characteristic unsightly appearance. In many cases, though, removing varicose veins requires only simple treatments and time to return your legs to normal. Consult with Gul A. Zikria, MD, FACOG in Milpitas, California, to learn more about your best options.  

Recognizing varicose veins

Often, varicose veins are simply a cosmetic issue — veins that are blue or dark purple in color, with a gnarly, twisted, and bulging appearance. You may have no other symptoms or sensations, though it’s possible that there may be itchiness, throbbing, or burning sensations. Your legs could feel tired or achy, particularly after exertion or a long day. 

Spider veins are a related condition, though these are smaller and less obvious. They’re red or blue in color with a web-like distribution. They can be treated in a similar manner to varicose veins. 

Varicose veins are sometimes associated with more serious health issues, so Dr. Zikria examines your legs, symptoms, and health history to ensure you’re not at risk for other conditions, such as deep vein thrombosis. 

Treatment options

Removing varicose and spider veins is possible, and there are several strategies. Your body creates new vascular networks when existing blood vessels are compromised, so there’s no need to worry about interruptions to blood flow. 

Dr. Zikria typically chooses sclerotherapy or laser vein therapy for removal of your varicose veins. 


Injecting a solution or foam that irritates the varicose vein, this process causes the vein to seal off and block. In the weeks after the procedure, your body reabsorbs the vein tissue and it disappears. 

The needle used to inject the sclerotic agent is tiny, so it’s well-tolerated by most patients. You may have several injections in the course of a single treatment, depending on the extent of your varicose veins. 

Laser vein therapy

A noninvasive alternative to sclerotherapy, cosmetic lasers are used to warm the darker tissue of a varicose vein through your skin with laser light energy. This causes the vein to coagulate and again, your body takes over and begins to flush the treated vein, which disappears over the following weeks. 

The ideal technique for you depends on your veins and the advancement of varicose conditions. The best way to learn more is by calling Gul A. Zikria, MD, FACOG to schedule a personal consultation. 

Your legs will be fresh and ready for reveal this spring and summer. Call 408-290-8289 to make your appointment now.  

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