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Tips for Recovering from a Labiaplasty

Tips for Recovering from a Labiaplasty

When it comes to the labia — the external portion of a woman’s genitalia — there’s no “normal.” Like earlobes and fingerprints, everyone has their own unique features. Like other parts of the body, the tissue of the labia can change as you get older, or after life events like pregnancy and childbirth. Often, enlargement of the labia minora can become a cosmetic issue, or in some cases, can cause comfort problems. 

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the labia minora to improve appearance or function. It’s a technique that’s customized to match your body and needs, resolving the issues that are bothering you. One of the important parts of successful surgery is understanding and aiding the recovery process. 

Another crucial factor is your choice of plastic surgeon. Gul A. Zikria, M.D. is both a cosmetic specialist and gynecologist, assuring you of treatment that considers aesthetics along with your needs as a woman. While Dr. Zikria and his team provide you with surgical aftercare instructions for your recovery, here are some general tips to help you know what to expect. 

What’s involved with labiaplasty?

The inner folds of the labia sometimes suffer from stretching and tissue laxity, becoming larger and protruding through the outer folds. In most cases, this creates no medical issues, but some women find the appearance unflattering. 

In rare instances, labia enlargement can become uncomfortable, with tissue getting pinched or otherwise caught in clothing. In each case, labiaplasty targets problem tissue for surgical excision. The result reduces the size and “tucks in” these inner folds. 

Tips for recovering from a labiaplasty

Your recovery from labiaplasty may start even before your surgery. Dr. Zikria may prescribe medications for you to take prior to your procedure that can help reduce swelling and limit the amount of bruising. Perhaps the most important preparatory step you can take is to manage your expectations. 

Plan ahead

After surgery, you’ll likely be uncomfortable wearing underwear or walking, since your labia and genital area will be swollen. You’ll need a few days away from work and other physical activity, and you may need to abstain from intercourse for three to six weeks. 

Immediately after surgery

Labiaplasty does not provide instant results. Swelling is not only likely, it’s expected, since the types of tissue involved normally stretch easily. Don’t worry though, this is normal. Swelling may seem more intense the day after your procedure, but you’ll notice improvements within five to seven days. 

Your need for pain management often depends on the extent of work needed during your labiaplasty. Follow Dr. Zikria’s instructions closely, since each patient may have unique requirements. 

Urination after surgery may produce stinging or burning sensations. This, too, is normal, and you may find it helpful to have a spray bottle filled with water to reduce discomfort and clean the incisions. 

Long-term recovery

A six-week recovery period is normal following labiaplasty, though you will likely be able to increase your activity steadily during this period. Your pain level should drop steadily, and the appearance of your genitalia improves. Swelling is persistent in this area, so you won’t see final results until about six weeks or longer. 

Follow Dr. Zikria’s instructions at all stages, since his guidelines will follow your post-surgical progress. To learn more about labiaplasty, contact Dr. Zikria’s Milpitas, California practice by phone at 408-290-8289 to schedule your consultation. You’ll see a boost in your comfort and confidence, so call now.  

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