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The Rejuvenating Benefits of PRP

The Rejuvenating Benefits of PRP

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a regenerative medicine technique that’s gaining plenty of attention. It’s not, in itself, a healing process, nor does it simply mask symptoms like pain relief medications. Yet, it helps your body accomplish these goals and more. 

Gul A. Zikria, MD, FACOG recommends PRP therapy for our patients in a wide range of situations from hair loss to skin rejuvenation. PRP is drug-free and can be used alongside virtually any other treatment. 

The role of platelets

You likely know platelets for their blood clotting abilities. They’re the blood components that form scabs over bleeding injuries. That’s not all they contribute to the healing process, though. As well as protecting the site of an injury, platelets carry chemical messengers called growth factor hormones. These hormones help to direct the healing process after the scab has formed. 

One of the limits on the healing process is the amount of platelets your body can supply to the site of healing. As a component of your blood, repair mechanisms in your body need to wait for the delivery of fresh, recharged blood to supply platelets. It’s a relatively fixed supply line. PRP permits a way of delivering additional resources where they’re needed. 

How PRP works

The platelets used in PRP therapy are derived from a sample of your own blood, usually about the same amount as is taken when you have an ordinary blood test. Centrifuging separates blood into the heaviest red cells and the lightest plasma, with a layer of platelets between the two. 

Extracting this middle layer and mixing it with a bit of plasma creates the platelet-rich plasma serum. This is injected wherever you need a healing boost. The PRP injection acts as an extra shipment of raw materials so that your body can work faster at its repair tasks. This is an excellent solution for places with limited blood supply, such as joints where cartilage, tendons, and ligaments are damaged, though PRP can benefit any soft tissue. 

PRP targets

PRP is versatile, and since it’s derived from your own blood, it's safe and effective, an ideal addition to many treatments, aesthetic or therapeutic. Dr. Zikria often recommends PRP to our patients seeking facial rejuvenation, help with hair loss, and cosmetic refreshment of the vagina. 

Facial uses

PRP is part of the popular “vampire” facial, a process that mixes microneedling with PRP to stimulate collagen growth, blood flow, and, with the inclusion of PRP, a heightened healing response. For facial use, PRP can both be injected or used topically. 

Hair loss

Androgenic alopecia is an issue that plagues some women after menopause. The changing nature of their hormone balance can contribute to hair loss. PRP can both slow the rate of hair loss and encourage new growth. 

Vaginal rejuvenation

Aging of the female genitalia involves both physical and functional changes. The labia themselves may become lax or drooping, and tissue changes can cause both sexual and urinary dysfunctions. PRP helps to rejuvenate genital tissue, restoring a more youthful condition that can relieve vaginal dryness, laxity, and urinary issues like incontinence. 

These are but three applications for PRP therapy. To find out more, call Dr. Zikria’s office at 408-290-8289 to schedule your consultation. Put the power of PRP to work for you. Make an appointment today. 

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