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Vaginitis is a common condition afflicting women predominantly in their reproductive years which triggers vaginal inflammation. When it occurs in conjunction with vulva (external genitalia) inflammation, it is referred to as vulvovaginitis. Caused by either an infection due to a bacteria, yeast or parasite, or from a noninfectious source such as a physical irritation to the vagina or low estrogen levels due to menopause, vaginitis can create many uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing symptoms.

Fortunately, vaginitis is treatable with the help of a women's healthcare specialist who can identify the type and severity of your vaginitis and provide therapeutic solutions. To schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider in that specializes in vaginitis treatment, call (408) 946-9453 or contact us online.

Types of Vaginitis

Vaginitis can occur as a result of both infectious and noninfectious causes. The most common infectious forms of vaginitis include:

Noninfectious vaginitis can also occur from a number of different sources. Most often, an allergic reaction or sensitivity can occur from vaginal sprays, douches or creams, or from fragranced products like perfumes, soaps and sexual lubricants, leading to the development of vaginitis. The other main form of noninfectious vaginitis is atrophic vaginitis which typically results from reduced estrogen levels during menopause, breastfeeding or any other time in a woman's life where estrogen is low.

Vaginitis Symptoms

Vaginitis symptoms may vary based on the type of vaginitis you have, but often include:

Treatment of Vaginitis

If you suspect you have vaginitis, it is important to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider who can determine the type of vaginitis you have, and provide you with an adequate treatment plan. Your healthcare provider will begin with a pelvic examination and take a sample of vaginal discharge to send for testing. This sample can help to confirm the type of vaginitis you have by detecting certain parasites, yeasts or bacteria.

Once the type of vaginitis is confirmed, treatment can begin. Your treatment will vary based on the type of vaginitis:

There are also certain steps you can take in your day-to-day life to reduce discomfort during vaginitis treatmentand to help prevent future recurrences. These include:

Fortunately, vaginitis typically does not cause any long-term health problems if properly treated. If you are pregnant, an infection could cause unique health concerns for you and your baby which is why prompt treatment is important. Untreated vaginitis could spread to other pelvic organs and cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

To schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider in that specializes in women's health conditions, call (408) 946-9453 or contact us online.

Gul A. Zikria, MD, FACOG As an expert in preventive care, innovative treatment solutions, and laparoscopic surgery, board-certified OB/GYN Gul A. Zikria, MD, FACOG, is a trusted practitioner who’s been in private practice since 1985. Dr. Zikria earned his doctor of medicine from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark. He went on to complete a competitive surgical residency program at Georgetown University in Washington. Dr. Zikria then went through a comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology residency program through the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center at the Magee-Women’s Hospital. He welcomes new and existing patients to his practice in Milpitas, California.

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