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How Laser Treatments Can Rejuvenate Your Skin for the New Year

How Laser Treatments Can Rejuvenate Your Skin for the New Year

Whether you follow the tradition of resolutions or not, there’s no time like the New Year to make a fresh start. With the cooler temperatures driving life indoors, it’s an ideal time to consider skin rejuvenation. Perhaps some new lines and pigment issues have cropped up in the past few years, or maybe you’re in need of a winter pick-me-up. 

No matter your reasons, it’s time to look at light-based aesthetic solutions. Both fractional lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapies can help your complexion by using carefully controlled light energy to make welcome changes in your skin. 

Gul A. Zikria, MD, and our team are pleased to offer both options to patients at our Milpitas, California office. From skin resurfacing to scar treatment, laser and light treatments can produce the improvements you want, and bonus: the quick appointments and reduced recovery times make it much more convenient than other techniques. In some cases, you’ll see further improvements emerging for weeks. 

How light-based therapies work

Cosmetic lasers and IPL have much in common. Both deliver energy in the form of specialized light beams that warm tissue when absorbed, much like the warmth you feel from the sun. Lasers emit a single color wavelength, while IPL uses a wider range of colors, which permits the targeting of specific skin tissue. 

This is an exciting concept, since these treatments can pass through your skin’s surface to warm tissue below, which is often where changes prove most beneficial. The effects of photoaging from sun exposure — including lines, wrinkles, and sun spots — originate in the dermis, your skin’s middle layer and home to collagen and elastin support tissue. 

Fractional lasers

Light therapies for your skin are delivered through a hand-held applicator. The size of these devices varies by manufacturer. The Fractional lasers take their name from the way the column of laser light divides, leaving tiny portions of skin unaffected throughout the treatment area. Leaving these fractional columns untreated permits faster recovery times while minimizing the visual effects of treatment. 

Fractional lasers are ideal for skin resurfacing. Ablative resurfacing heats the dermis layer, promoting renewed collagen growth, and it also removes the outer layer of skin in the treatment areas, the same way a dermabrasion or aggressive chemical peel would. Ablative resurfacing produces the most dramatic results, but it also comes with longer recovery times. 

Nonablative resurfacing leaves the epidermis intact and concentrates energy through the skin. It’s an ideal alternative when your skin issues are modest and you don’t want to invest in the recovery time of more aggressive treatments. 

IPL therapy

IPL covers a wider spectrum of light than lasers, but the energy of that light isn’t as intense. IPL can provide nonablative resurfacing, but it won’t be strong enough to give you an ablative treatment. 

Where IPL excels is with skin pigmentation issues, including sun spots, spider veins, and other problems that interrupt the smooth and even collaboration of young, healthy skin. IPL works exclusively on the dermis layer, which means that you’ll see improving results in the weeks after treatment, as your body manufactures and replaces collagen. 

Rejuvenated skin takes time, no matter which methods you choose, so the start of the year makes sense. You’ll be wearing your best face as the spring temperatures hit. Contact Gul A. Zikria, MD at 408-290-8289 to schedule your skin care consultation today. 

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