Five Great Benefits of a Labiaplasty

Your body is unique, and in some cases and places, parts of you can be quite different from other women. The inner vaginal lips, your labia minora, come in no standard size or shape. They may be small, remaining tucked inside the outer lips, or they may protrude. There’s simply no normal version shared by a majority of women. 

And your labia can change over time. It may be due to body changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth, or you may experience tissue changes as you get older or when you reach menopause. Some women may have physical issues with stretched or elongated labial tissue, and others may feel uncomfortable about their physical appearance. 

In any case, the solution may be labiaplasty, a plastic surgery procedure that rejuvenates the appearance of your labia regardless of the cause or why you want to make a change. Gul A. Zikria, M.D., FACOG, has over 35 years of experience offering excellent cosmetic surgery service to his patients. Contact his Milpitas, California, practice to find out more about what labiaplasty can do for you. To start the discussion, here are five great benefits that labiaplasty offers.

  1. Comfort

In some cases, oversized labia can make some types of clothing uncomfortable to wear. You might experience chafing, rashes, or abrasions. Tissue can catch, stick, or pinch when you’re active, distracting you from your sport or pastime. Labiaplasty offers a customizable procedure that targets your specific needs, reducing the effects of large or elongated labia. 

  1. Fashion

Even if you don’t suffer physical effects from larger labia, they could still impact the types of clothing you can wear without embarrassment. Whether or not swimwear, tight-fitting jeans, and other form-fitting apparel are in your regular wardrobe rotation, labiaplasty eases the excess, opening up your fashion options. 

  1. Confidence

Looking your best is always a confidence booster, and the same goes when you’re happy with the appearance of your genitals in front of your spouse or partner. Intimate moments are an important part of life, and you can maximize your satisfaction when you know your body looks the way you want. 

  1. Health

If you frequently suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs), and you have large or elongated labia, there may be a connection between the two. Large labia could be creating hygiene issues. With excess tissue removed during labiaplasty, there may be fewer spots for bacteria to hide, allowing you to sidestep UTIs. 

  1. Enjoyment

The twisting and tugging of labial tissue that makes exercise and tight clothing a problem can also factor into your sex life. You may find that, after labiaplasty, intercourse becomes more enjoyable, particularly if you add a clitoral hood reduction as part of your surgery. Removal of excess tissue exposes more of the sensitive tissue that makes intimacy pleasurable. 

Contact Gul A. Zikria, M.D., FACOG, at 408-290-8289 to schedule a personalized consultation to learn how you may benefit from labiaplasty. It may be a step toward improving the quality of your life, so call today. 


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