Brazilian Butt Lift: How Fat Grafting Can Give You the Butt You Want

Achieving the body shape you want gets harder to do as time passes. Sometimes, it’s not because of flaws with your diet and exercise routine, but simply your genetic programming. It often seems like your body knows where you don’t want fat and places it there. Common trouble spots as you get older include the abdomen, hips, lower back, and thighs. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could relocate these stores to your butt, where the extra shape might be welcome? That’s exactly what the Brazillian butt lift (BBL) does. Using fat grafting techniques, your derriere can take on shapely new proportions while simultaneously shrinking problem spots. 

Gul A. Zikria, MD, FACOG, a multidisciplinary board-certified surgeon practicing in Milpitas, California, can help you realize your body goals. As a candidate for BBL surgery, you have the potential to reshape your body the way you want with this effective and long-lasting procedure. 

Fat harvest

Liposuction has long been used to remove unwanted subcutaneous fat. These deposits are often resistant to diet and exercise. When that happens, liposuction can remove these excess cells to reduce the size of the deposits. 

Many of these fat cells remain viable after the liposuction process, so it’s possible to relocate them to supplement other features, a process sometimes used in reconstructive surgery. Applied to aesthetics, this harvested fat is ideal for supplementing the buttocks instead of a prosthetic implant. 

The benefits of a BBL

If you’ve lived your life with a flat behind, then the ability to reshape yourself is an obvious benefit, but it doesn’t simply stop with appearance. The relocation of harvested fat offers a very powerful way to alter proportions. Clothes that were once ill-fitting may now not only feel better, your shape will flatter more designs. 

Though the BBL isn’t a true “lift” in surgical terms, reductions in the thighs may combine with the new shape of your buttocks to create a profile that’s raised and youthful. You have the opportunity to match the proportions of your lower body with the upper body. 

Candidates for BBL

Skin tone in the buttocks and thighs accompanied by sufficient stores of fat in the thighs and other harvest areas are the prime prerequisites for BBL surgery. You’ll need to commit to weeks-long recovery that avoids directly sitting on your buttocks as you heal. 

If you have loose, sagging skin on your buttocks or thighs, you’re not a good candidate for the BBL, since it won’t address excess skin. Instead, inquire about true buttock lift procedures. Most cosmetic surgery customizes to your body and aesthetic goals. 

Contact Gul A. Zikria, MD, FACOG, to learn more about your best options for reshaping your booty. Call the practice at 408-290-8289 to schedule your consultation now. 

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