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Benefits of Underarm Liposuction

Benefits of Underarm Liposuction

It’s a phenomenon that can affect anyone, whether you’ve experienced rapid weight loss, or you’ve maintained the same size. As your skin gets older, it loosens and stretches. Your body also begins to store fat in different places, some that resist the effects of exercise and diet. 

Under your arms, these effects can combine to create an age-revealing effect that’s unflatteringly called “bat wings.” Subcutaneous fat and loose skin start to droop, adding years to your appearance, regardless of how well-kept the rest of you may be. 

Gul A. Zikria, MD recommends liposuction with a tuck to address deflated and drooping underarms.The procedure can even be customized to your needs to reduce underarm hair and excess sweat glands. If arm sag is annoying you, there’s an answer.

Understanding liposuction

Sometimes, your body stores fat in locations that seem unaffected by gym routines or calorie-deficit diets. This is a problem that increases for both women and men as hormone levels change with age. 

Liposuction targets these fat deposits to provide control over the contours of your body. A hollow probe-like tool called a cannula breaks up fat cells and suctions them from your body. Once removed, these fat cells are gone for good and never replicate. However, the remaining cells can expand if necessary so you need to maintain a steady weight to avoid plumping up the existing fat cells. 

The goals of brachioplasty

When skin tone fades, it leaves you with a problem that stretches from your armpit to elbow. And, if you’ve gained and lost significant amounts of weight, or if you’ve had weight loss following bariatric procedures, it can aggravate the problem.

Lost elasticity means that your skin won’t snap back to contain this tissue. The same issue happens all over your body, including the chin, stomach, and thighs, though for some the arm is a particular trouble spot. 

Brachioplasty removes excess skin and tissue to eliminate skin folds that can cause discomfort, friction, and rash, as well as being a negative focal point that can make you self-conscious. It’s an ideal procedure to combine with local liposuction, since liposuction alone could create more of a drooping issue if your skin can’t rebound to hide the lost fat volume. 

Depending on your body, the brachioplasty may include incisions along the underside of your arm and, potentially, down the side of your chest. Tissue with hair follicles and sweat glands can also be selected for removal, if those factors are important to you. Your liposuction and brachioplasty procedure may also be compatible with other cosmetic techniques. It can be part of a full body makeover. 

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