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3 Ways Pregnancy Changes Your Body (And How We Can Help)

The wide-ranging changes to your body during pregnancy create the ideal environment for your growing child. While your body returns to normal in many ways after childbirth, you will bear some effects that remain with you. 

Every woman copes with the aftereffects of pregnancy in their own way. A minor flaw to one person could be a major annoyance to another. When you want to address the changes to your body, consult with Gul A. Zikria, M.D., FACOG

As both a gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Zikria keeps your needs as a woman in mind along every step. Here are three ways Dr. Zikria can help you to take control of your body again after your pregnancy. 

1. Abdomen

The growth of your child through pregnancy creates the most notable changes, but it’s not simply about stretch marks. Your uterus takes up to eight weeks to return to its normal size, and stretching potentially affects your muscles as much as your skin. The hormonal changes you go through can also alter the way your body stores fat. The end result is that your post-pregnancy belly may no longer represent the profile you want to put forth. 

Liposuction and tummy tuck are two procedures that can help restore a toned and well-shaped abdomen. A tummy tuck may be the answer when tissue doesn’t return to its pre-pregnancy shape and you’re carrying loose flesh. Liposuction removes fat stores that may not respond to your toning efforts. Combining these surgeries is common, and separated abdominal muscles, a common effect of pregnancy, can be repaired at the same time, too. 

2. Breasts

There’s no way to predict the long-term effects that pregnancy has on your breasts. You’ll gain size through the pregnancy itself as well as after when your breasts are full of milk. When your breasts start to return to normal, you may permanently gain size, or you may notice that they begin to sag. It’s not related to your choice to breastfeed or not, but simply a random change that some women experience while others don’t. However, subsequent pregnancies increase the likelihood that you’ll experience sagging. 

Dr. Zikria offers breast lift surgery for women who are unhappy with the loss of shape and downward turn of their nipples. A breast lift can restore a more youthful profile, allowing you to wear clothes comfortably and confidently. It won’t, however, add volume beyond your natural tissue, but lifts are easily combined with breast augmentation. This may be the ideal time to achieve the cup size you’ve always desired. 

3. Genitalia

Vaginal delivery can cause changes that affect you long after your pregnancy is over, and, in fact, these changes may be permanent without intervention. Even if you delivered via C-section, the effects of hormone swings and the passage of time can similarly take their toll. 

Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty restore shape and tightness to these delicate areas that can change even if you’re not affected during pregnancy and childbirth. ThermiVa® is a minimally invasive procedure that nonsurgically uses radiofrequency technology to tighten the vaginal canal with a simple office procedure. 

There’s plenty of life, health, and wellness after pregnancy, and you can live it with the body of your choice. Contact Gul A. Zikria, M.D., FACOG in Milpitas, California, to schedule a consultation. Call the office at 408-290-8289 to book your appointment now. 

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